App Permissions

The Class Connection applications asks for the following permissions:

  • Public Profile: Class Connection receives your profile information (name, gender, etc.) to build your Class Connection account.
  • Friends List: Class Connection has the ability to send messages to your Facebook Friends. This is only done from the "Easy Invite Tool" if you voluntarily opt to utilize this function.
  • Email Address: Email Address is needed if you wish to route your "Notify Me" notifications to your email box rather than the Facebook globe notification icon. Users can also opt in to receive developer updates by email (new feature announcements, etc.) Email address can only be seen inside the Class Connection app by Class Administrators (if applicable) and is never seen or shared with regular classmate members or any other Facebook users.
  • Photos and Videos: Photos and videos you have previously uploaded to Facebook can be shared with your classmates in various places inside the Class Connection application. Class Connection never shares photos or videos in any fashion unless you voluntarily opt to utilize this function.

Class Connection does not access your Facebook data without your consent. All app permissions are voluntarily invoked upon user request. Class Connection maintains a strict adherence to our policy of protecting users' personal information.